Environmental Justice

Our environmental justice work is centered on uplifting historically disenfranchised communities as they are impacted by the climate crisis.

Yerazad presented our proposal on “Regenerative and Community Based Agriculture in Armenia” at United AIO‘s virtual conference on June 5th.

The goals of our project are to integrate regenerative, innovative, and traditional Armenian farming practices and uplift women farmers to create a more climate resilient and food secure Armenia.

Project Overview

In 2019, the Prime Minister’s office in Armenia identified the main problems with and solutions for Armenia’s agricultural sector from 2020 – 2030. These are some of the problems identified: youth inclusion, high market concentration, restricted use of innovations, poor institutional capacity, and insufficient health safety. These are some of the solutions identified by Armenia our project will achieve: youth inclusion, improvement of irrigation systems, climate adaptation, and technological modernization. 

Our project has 4 areas of focus

  1. We want to support women farmers in the informal sector by providing them with monthly stipends.
  2. We want to integrate regenerative and innovative farming practices – vertical farming and aquaponics – by developing a training farm by and for women farmers.
  3. We want to encourage diasporan engagement in Armenian agriculture through donations and developing a diasporan volunteer program on our training farm.
  4. We want to develop international agricultural partnerships with educational agricultural institutions abroad.

To read our proposal in its entirety or to get involved in the project email us.