ReflectSpace Digital Installation

Yerazad is excited to be participating in ReflectSpace’s Digital Installation Sites of Fracture: Diasporic Imaginings of Occupied Artsakh.

Check out the installation in its entirety here.

Yerazad’s art installation is entitled Images of Crossing // Հատման Պատկերներ (Hutmun Patkerner). 

This project seeks to center marginalized people in the Armenian community, inviting them to share their experiences in the community, in particular during the genocidal attacks of the last nine and counting months. Throughout the diaspora, marginalized voices routinely experience intersecting oppression at the hands of other Armenians. For being LGBTQIA+. For being Black. For being mixed. For disabilities. For any of the thousands of other layers that make up the violence those with intersectional identities often experience. And yet so many continually fight to stay connected to our identities, for our culture and our people.

Yerazad asked for written responses from marginalized Armenians in addition to an image of the respondent. The written responses along with the image were then processed into individual videos with a soundtrack in the background. Each individual video can be viewed below.

Narineh Seferian (she/her)


Hagop Najarian (he/him)


Sophia Bobadilla (she/her)


Armen Hovhannes (they/them)



Joy Mardirossian (she/her)



Joel Mardirossian (they/them)



Nura Kinge (she/her)