Who We Are

Yerazad is a grassroots coalition grounded in a horizontal structure of organizing. Our strength comes from our coalitions, not only from our central team.

Carene Rose Mekertichyan (she/her)  |  Email Carene

Carene is a Los Angeles based artist, activist, and educator. As a Black Armenian woman, she is drawn to storytelling that centers marginalized narratives and believes true art exists to spark empathy and create social change. Her identity informs her art and intersectional activism. She serves as the Artistic Associate for Social Justice at Independent Shakespeare Co. and is a teaching artist for The Unusual Suspects and Creative Acts. She studied at Dartmouth College and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.


Joel Mardirossian (they/them)  |  Email Joel

Joel is a Trans Non-Binary person living in Boise, Idaho. They are a recent graduate with an interdisciplinary degree with a concentration in Theatre, Ethnic Studies, and Narrative studies. Joel is currently researching avenues of intergenerational healing through decolonization and connecting ancestral practices. They are also passionate about discussing and writing about Southwest Asian and North Africa (SWANA) identity. Joel believes in finding liberation through the radical imaginary demanding a profound shift in the image of SWANA futurism.



Joy Mardirossian (she/her)  |  Email Joy

Joy is a powerful educator, advocate, and community organizer focused on the spheres of disability and immigrant rights in education.She graduated with an interdisciplinary concentration in Comparative and International Perspectives on Education from Fairhaven College with a minor in Education and Social Justice. Joy’s work centers around identity development as a political act and historical literacy as a political act. She believes that teaching is inherently political and that understanding our history is essentially in the act of radically imagining a future.


Brian Damerau (they/them)  |  Email Brian

Parskahye stem researcher. They are inspired by Rojava, social ecology, and creating dual power.



Arya Jemal (she/her)  |  Email Arya

Arya is an environmental educator in Orange County, CA. She is passionate about environmental justice and sustainable design. She studied at Swarthmore College and UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design.